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Our Team Spotlight: EMILY ALLEN

Emily Everglow Community Care

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At Everglow Community Care, our Personal Carers are on the front line of client support.

One of our Carers is Emily Allen who spoke with us about her journey to pursuing a career in the aged care sector and what she loves most about her role.

AUTHOR: Emily Allen

Every single day at Everglow Community Care is different; it presents different challenges, different tasks and different ways in which I can help my clients live their life to the fullest.

As a Personal Carer, my job changes depending on what the needs of my client are on that particular day. . I can be everything from a chauffeur, cleaner or hair stylist, to a chef and personal shopper. It’s one of things I love about my job, how truly varied it is.

Ever since I lost my Pop 15 years ago to dementia, I’ve been passionate about making sure that those in the aged care system are looked after and cared for like my Pop was. Being able to help those that are sick, frail, or just unable to be as independent as they once were, and providing support and aid to their families, is what makes my job so fulfilling and why I get out of bed each day.

Although there’s many upsides to my job, my favourite part of the day is being able to make my clients laugh and smile. It’s not always easy for older people to relinquish independence, so it’s important that as Carers we help clients age with dignity, grace, and a good sense of humour.


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