July Newsletter 2018

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The Glow Worm

Message from the CEO

Hello good people,

Welcome to another Everglow newsletter.

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits.

As we come to the end of the Financial Year it is pleasing to report that all that hard work undertaken by our team has paid off with Everglow turning around our financial performance and now moving well into positive territory.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this past 12 months. Everglow’s future is one of stability and continued growth.

We have been able to realign our Commonwealth Home Support Program funding to align with the services being request- ed by our clients and we continue to see significant growth in our Home Care Packages.

I am looking forward to sharing the journey of the past 12 months with you all at our AGM on 12 September 2018.

Also, we will be holding a 30th Anniversary lunch immediately after the AGM to celebrate 30 years of delivering service to the North Queensland community. Please mark this in your calendar.

Brooke’s role of assisting clients to navigate the complexities of the Aged Care process via reassessment and assisting clients with MyAgedCare is proving to be very popular with you all. I know Brooke is really enjoying the role and helping out where she can.

We are also very active in ensuring ECCLI is ready for the introduction of the new Single Aged Care Quality Framework that is due for introduction on the 1st of July 2018.

As always, I welcome any feedback from you in relation to your services or any opportunities for improvement.

Until next month, stay safe.



Vicki and Jill providing Healthy Teamwork at Everglow

Nurse Jill and Gentle Exercise Instructor Vicki presented strategies for health and wellness at Everglow. In June clients got some great information and practical solutions for a healthy bladder. Did you know that 5 million Australians are affected by incontinence? You are not alone, involuntary loss of urine, (peeing when you don’t want to) not only affect seniors, but 25% of young women are also affected.

Good news! There are many avenues of help. In gentle exercise Vicki offered easy and practical activities for clients to get acquainted with our pelvic floor and begin to control unwanted leaking. Breathing techniques, visualisations and activities to strengthening deep core and pelvic muscles can help reduce or stop leaks and frequent peeing.

Jill also presented valuable tips on how to pee properly by completely empty the bladder, to maintain healthy bladder and bowel habits. Jill’s workshop provided great information on what assistance is available including, home support packages, hygienic cleaning tips and inexpensive, natural skin care ideas, like using cornstarch for chafing.

Over the next few months we plan to offer more educational and exercise sessions focused on some of the key challenges facing seniors, such as diabetes and maintaining balance.


Whats On: 

Christmas in July – Wednesday 25th July 2018 – See Invitation for details
Crochet Corner and Morning Tea – the last Friday of the month – 9.30am – 11.30am Information Morning Tea (Diabetes) – Tuesday 24th July – See Invitation for details

Christmas in July — Thursday 26 July 2018 – See Invitation for details Gentle Exercise and Morning Tea:- every Tuesday 10am — 11.30am Bingo, Morning Tea and Lunch:- Thursday 12th July 9.30am — 12.30pm Craft:- first Wednesday of the month 9am — 11am
Hoy and Cent Sale:- Wednesday 18th July 9.30am — 11.30am
Country Songs:- Friday 13th July 9.30am — 11.30am
Italian Songs:- Friday 20th July 9.30am — 11.30am
Colouring Therapy: – Wednesday 25th July 9.30am – 11.30am
Crochet Corner: – Wednesday 11th July 9.30am – 11.30am

Christmas in July – Wednesday 25th July 2018 – See Invitation for details
Gentle Exercise and Morning Tea every Friday – Class 1 – 9.30am / Class 2 – 10.45am
Colouring Therapy and Morning Tea every Tuesday 10am – 11.30am
Making Memories / Scrapbooking and Morning Tea – every second Wednesday 9.30am – 11.30am Italian Group – Last Friday of the Month – 2pm – 3.30pm

To obtain further information regarding activities, venues and costs:-

Townsville or Ayr clients phone 47251822

Ingham clients phone 4776 2296

Transport may be arranged for eligible clients.

We would love to hear from people across Ayr, Ingham and Townsville. Please send in and share with us your stories, ideas, jokes, recipes or information which may benefit and support others in our community. If you caught the biggest shark this week-end send us a photo. We would like the “Glow- worm” to be informative and fun.

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